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Pyramakerz Technologies S.A.E. is a leading EdTech corporation providing various STEAM Education
solutions to Schools, organisations & individuals with 20+ years of experience in
education,Tech innovation and manufacturing.

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These are some Pyramakerz news!

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STEAM Education Seminar

"Is your school Metaverse ready?" It is one of the most important education seminars in Egypt that specializes in presenting the latest updates in STEAM Education.

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Your First Robot

Your first Pyramakerz Kit & Project within our childrens' Hands via On-Site and Virtual camps for begginers, intermediate and advanced makers Pyramakerz designed certified training programs in 5 domains being: Robotics, Mobile Application, Game Developing,Internet of Things (IOT) & Digital Fine Arts.These can be provided during weekdays/ends, summer holidays or even in the form of intensive camps.

Our Solutions

These are some services Pyramakerz Offer for its clients

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AI and Tech Lab Solution

With already established multiple AI and Tech Labs established by Pyramakerz at a number of universities and schools, we are glad to offer a fully integrated STEAM Education solution to enterprises.

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Tech day

The Tech-Day event is a one-day hands-on event designed to connect curious minds with industry professionals to maximise their scope about ever developing technologies.

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STEM teaching training

Both Pyramakerz and STEM.org offer STEAM Teacher/Instructor training, where STEM.org offers a full online certified program that is recognized in more than 76 countries including the GCC, USA & Europe.

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Pyramakerz STEAM Programs qualify students/trainees to participate in local and international competitions that are related to the main domains covered in our curricula.

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Our Clients

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